At least, that’s what’s being claimed over at Uncyclopedia. This hilarious parody of the cultural phenomenon known as Wikipedia, has a seizure-inducing entry on Ludwig Wittgenstein. New information that has come to light concerning the Witt includes: 1) He is David Bowie with a brain. 2) Oscar Wilde had a man-crush on him. 3) He is a black belt in every conceivable universe. In addition, the whole episode with Occam’s Razor and say/show duality in the Tractatus is classic. Here is a small excerpt:

Ludwig Wittgenstein can change colors at will. He can also cause everything in reality (i.e. “The Set of Every Real Object”) to change colors while he stays the same color. Paradoxically, to the observer these two acts are indistinguishable. Then he kicks you in the throat. (This is a grammatical remark.)