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As I watched a dramatic sunset this evening, I couldn’t help but be overcome with awe at the beauty of this planet; which got me thinking. I often hear Christians speak of a future heavenly creation that will be more beautiful, more true to the “character of God.” Their rationale behind such an assertion is rooted in the idea that this current world has been marred by the stigma of sin, which in turn has affected the beauty of God’s creation.

But as I stared at the sunset this evening I couldn’t help but wonder if the beauty of a sunset, the beauty of an exploding supernova, the beauty of Niagra Falls, etc. are all perfect displays of God’s beauty, power, glory. Perhaps the stigma is not in the manifestation of God’s beauty on earth, but rather it’s in our unwillingness to appreciate the fullness of the beauty that is there. Perhaps the real stigma is our inability to see the fullness of God’s glory/being in creation. It is ever-unveiled yet veiled…