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Refused – “This Trust Will Kill Again”

You knew what I was gonna say

When I didn’t

I did anyway

And it seems I’ll survive with self-respect intact

And you?

Every freedom is a trust

This trust will kill again for you

And someone else won’t believe their eyes

While a thousand will believe that it’s true

This trust will kill again for you

Through tales of objectivity you shake my hands

All that objectivity could break them both

Whatever I say, context aside, you got what you need

Make sure I say what they want to read

All that objectivity



Whenever I listen to this song, I picture Dennis Lyxzen confronting the Big Other. He affirms its omniscience and clairvoyance, yet declares resistance anyway. The great line in this song is “Every freedom is a trust.” The idea of freedom as a lack of physical restraint is a false consciousness. There is always a trust – a hidden agenda, an ideology – behind every freedom.

Do yourself a favor by reading this manifesto, written by the band after their dramatic breakup, and you will see references to the likes of Foucault, Derrida, Adorno, and Baudrillard. It’s nice to see that contemporary hardcore isn’t completely cut off from the old days of the Minutemen, Husker Du, and Henry Rollins. There is, in fact, a place for theory in rock music.