Awhile back, Ben Myers tagged the theo-blogosphere with the “out of the closet” meme. I have to admit, this is my favorite of all memes. There’s something cathartic about fully exposing one’s “truest” of all beliefs. Additionally, as Halden has recently brought to attention in his recent confessional “update”, this meme has the potential of allowing one to see one’s previous theological self in retrospect, all forms of embarrassment and shame included. This isn’t about intellectual arrogance, or dogmatic polarization, but about setting down a (often-times controversial) marker of one’s own intellectual development. Inevitably, this will allow all who participate to invite the judgment of their future selves. Personally, I can’t wait to read this in a year or so.

I confess: I don’t get what all the fuss is about concerning Hart’s Beauty of the Infinite. In the end, I chose Nietzsche’s story.

I confess: I tend to think that Augustine is both the best and worst theologian of all time.

I confess: I’d rather read Badiou, Deleuze, or Zizek than almost any work of theology.

I confess: Milbank’s TST was hell.

I confess: I spend far more time thinking about basketball than about theology.

I confess: I find pretty much all contemporary Roman Catholic theology to be boring (McCabe aside).

I confess: I still wake up at night and wonder if I missed the Rapture.

I confess: I sometimes wonder whether or not Aquinas actually existed.

I confess: I often find the Bible baffling. It angers me.

I confess: I find historical materialism fascinating (in all of its varied forms).

I confess: Jenson, McCormack, and Jungel are all I really care about in contemporary theology.

I confess: I fear Bonhoeffer’s inspiring personal story may forever undercut his amazing theological innovations.

I confess: I enjoy Hegel.

I confess: I get a tick whenever anyone mentions anything involving the Reformation.

I confess: I continually fear that the fundies will be proven right in the end.

I tag Austin to enter into the Confessional.

… By the way, whoever was searching for “anal gaping” and found this website, I apologize for the lack of your desired object ;)