Well, today is the official 1 year anniversary of this blog. 1 year ago Austin and I were just two dumb kids at a small private school working on our undergraduate degrees. Look where we are now… well, I don’t know about Austin, but I’m cold (its under 30 here in Aberdeen, and raining), tired, and I’ve been reading way too much Hegel. No human being should be subjected to this much Hegel in such concentrated doses. I’m going to have a major hangover when I finish the semester and head back to L.A. for the holidays. Anyway, I just wanted to thank all three of you out there in the blogosphere who actually read this stuff. All who have given constructive criticism in this forum should know that I have benefitted immensely from it.

As a sort of heads-up, the next year should feature some utterly fascinating (*sarcasm) prelimary work in regards to my thesis. My intent is to bring specific points of the Barthian tradition (e.g. Jungel, McCormack, some Jenson, and a little bit of Pannenberg) into dialogue with those on the continent who are attempting to develop a transcendental materialism (I’ll let you guess who they are) along somewhat theological lines. Basically, its an attempt to prove the possiblity of a theological materialism along moderately Barthian lines (as opposed to those who would see the sole possibility being along Neo-Platonic/participatory lines). Well, here’s to another year…