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I have to say, Daniel Karslake’s “For the Bible Tells Me So” is without a doubt the most consistent and well-reasoned film I’ve ever seen that attempts to tackle any controversial socio-political subject from a Christian point of view. The combination of biblical exegesis, simple reductio ad absurdum arguments, and heart-wrenching personal narratives of gay and lesbian Christians is just so well put together. I can’t help but be genuinely affected by its well-rounded sympathetic tone. In fact, the section which explores the evolutionary advantage of cultural homophobia (i.e. it makes sense for people to think this way; therefore, we should sympathize with their feelings and address them as we would any other person) even spoke something crucial to me – something I was not prepared for given my personal agreement with the film’s general perspective. If you have a chance, watch this film with your family and friends – you won’t regret it.