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So, I’ve had a recurring dream of late that my girlfriend is dating Slovenian pop-icon/Philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

Basically, the dream begins with my girlfriend and I having and intense conversation in which I am confusingly dealing with her admission that she is still dating her long-time lover, Zizek. Apparently there is some sort of assumed sordid history inside this tumultuous love triangle. During the duration of the conversation between her and myself, I get to the point where I actually picture Zizek (not exactly a god-like physical specimen) and then assume that she MUST be attracted to him for his mind. Turning to ask her about her attraction to Zizek, I am met with apathy and what seems like frustration that I can’t simply “deal with it.” To make matters worse, she then proceeds to elaborate on the physicality of their relationship, which simply infuriates and disgusts me even more. It’s at about this time when I awake.

Feel free to psychoanalyze all the minute details – if nothing else it might be enjoyable to poke fun at my neurosis. But what gave me a nice chuckle about this the other day is when I told her about the recurring dream. Her response was classic and humorously disturbing: “Maybe you’re just insecure about an intellectual relationship that you actually have with him.”

Thanks, Kim… thanks ;)