2009 was a huge year for me. Not only were there some serious personal considerations being dealt with (still being dealt with), but intellectually I was challenged more than I have in any other previous year. No doubt this was largely due to finishing my undergrad (at a small private college in Southern Cali) and starting my postgrad program at the University of Nottingham. So, I figured it might be fun to take note of some highlights of ’09. And what better way to do so than with some short LISTS!!

Best Books Read in ’09 (Not necessarily newly published):

1. Being and Nothingness/Transcendence of the Ego – Jean-Paul Sartre (had to put them as one considering the former is a consummation of sorts of that which was begun in the latter)

2. The Riverside Milton – John Milton; Ed. Roy Flannagan (“Il Penseroso” inspired some body art!!)

3. Christ in Postmodern Philosophy – Frederiek Depoortere

4. I See Satan Fall Like Lightning – Rene Girard (Thanks for the recommendation Troy!)

5. The Paris Lectures – Edmund Husserl (My first real intro to Phenomenology)

Best Movies Watched in ’09 (Not necessarily newly released):

1. “Inglorious Basterds”

2. “Zizek”

3. “In Bruges”

4. “Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo”

5. “Lars and the Real Girl”

Best-Worst Political/Celebrity Moments:

1. Palin – Ever heard of “foot-in-mouth syndrome”???

2. The Glenn Beck March on Capitol Hill – One of my favorite signs read, “You can keep your Kool-aid. I drink TEA!”

3. Obama Nobel Peace Prize – Was this simply  a move to get people to actually care about the Nobel Committee?

4. “Personal Ordinariates”

5. The Hillary Outburst

Best New Beer Tasted:

1.Guinness in England! Nuff said…

Troy (and anybody else for that matter), what say you?