Here is the dean’s email address for those who wish to voice a complaint: e.esche@mdx.ac.uk


Well, this has to be one of the most shocking decisions I can think of in the academic arena. Middlesex has one of the best departments in the English-speaking world for European philosophy. Just recently, they held a remarkable conference on Transdisciplinarity that included some of the most brilliant minds in Contemporary Continental thought.

Apparently, the philosophy department has been considered ancillary and no longer directly contributes enough economically. However, even such an argument seems to fail for the very reason that by cutting the University’s most prestigious and highly-rated department they are severely damaging their public image – at the very least among the world of humanities. Notoriety alone should be enough to preserve, at the least, some of the department (for example the postgrad sector).

News has been slowly trickling out for the past few days regarding this decision and more will be released in the upcoming days. For now, check out the following links to get varied reactions and details:

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And feel free to join the Facebook group dedicated to fighting this decision!!