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In light of the emergence of humorous series that have emerged in the blogosphere (see theology faillate night academic confessions) and in light of the recent poll in the States that shows 18% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim, I’ve decided to inaugurate SSA’s first: Rescinding My Citizenship.

This sporadic series is meant to note national occurrences that cause us to cringe at mass citizen stupidity, malice, ignorance, bigotry, thickheadedness, etc. that bring us to the precipice of absconding our present national borders for greener pastures…

(Feel free to contribute in the comments. Non-US participants are encouraged to contribute local issues/events as well!)

To get us started is the following song by Patriotic country star, Toby Keith. In this song, Keith glorifies the atrocities of war, boasts about America’s “boot” being shoved in the “enemy’s” ass, all the while proclaiming justice and freedom; the whole thing reeks of draconian machismo: