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We’ve been talking a lot about the relationship between the secular and religious spheres on the blog lately, and I have no reason to think this trend will cease any time soon. Therefore, seeing as I cut my teeth on 90’s sitcoms, I thought I’d go ahead and feature an impromptu Festivus celebration for all of our reader(s). I have my pole ready and waiting, so let’s assume that dinner is served (it isn’t), and continue with the Airing of Grievances:

1. Life: I have a lot of problems with this last year. I’ve been out of the academy for well over a year, and it sucks. Working over 80 hours a week sucks. Having no time and lacking the proper mental frame for academic reading/work sucks. Life, you suck. Stop it.

2. The World: I don’t understand you, world. Remember how the global financial crisis was supposed to give the Left a new lease on life, a cemented purpose in the hearts and minds of all peoples? Uh, not so much. The Left sucks. The Right also sucks, but at least they’re good at it (as in the things that they do that suck, they do well). Zizek was right: Crisis —-> Opportunity is a flat out lie. Its more like Crisis —-> Populism/Scapegoating. World, you suck.

3. Zizek: Speaking of the big Z, where the hell are you? First as Tragedy was supposed to, at least in my mind, inaugurate a new era of direct political engagement for Zizek. Since then? The ideology of national austerity has flooded the globe. The opportunity for cultural criticism has never been so apparent as it is right now. From Zizek? Very little of note. Bleh.

4. Austin: It’s a fruitless task to attempt to speak ill of Austin, but seeing as this post is intended to be at least half tongue-in-cheek, I will give it a try. Austin, I can’t stand the fact that you’re living the academic dream right now in Scotland without me. Going to Dundee to study philosophy without me is like dating that ex-girlfriend you know I’m still hung up on. It hurts, man. And all I can think about is how the two of you snuggle up together in bed, with Hegel or Nietzsche in hand, and forget all the world’s troubles, living in the flow of unencumbered academic bliss. Damn you!

And now, for Feats of Strength…