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It being All Hallow’s Eve eve, I felt it would be fun to take a break from all the pure cognizing and just talk about horror films for a bit. I am a big horror movie aficionado, so this list of my personal favorite horror films is something near and dear to my heart. So without further ado, here are my five favorite horror films, with accompanying clips chosen by yours truly:

5. The Wicker Man: British film from the 70s (not to be confused with the terrible remake starring Nic Cage). The reason I love this film is because it uses bright colors and tone to convey a form of evil that looks much more like naiveté than maleficence.


4. The Fly: One word, Brundlefly!


3. The Thing: John Carpenter’s The Thing has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. There is something about conceiving evil as a force, something that can escape any idea or form you may have to represent it, that strikes a nerve in me which can be difficult to shake.


2. Rosemary’s Baby: The mood of this film is absolutely incredible. It’s one long crescendo that culminates into a climax that makes my soul feel dirty. It will make you believe in the necessity of prayer again, if only for a short time.


1. Let the Right One In: My unequivocal favorite horror film of all-time. It may not have stood test of time just yet, but I am confident that it will be regarded as a classic. The most startling part of the film, for me, is in viewing it from the perspective of Oskar: from his vantage point, this is a story about the flowering of love, the ultimate self-deception.


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