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Well, this is slightly off-beat for this webspace, but part of my funding package at the moment includes an internship with Dundee University Press. At the moment, I am working on marketing for the new edition of Nucleus: A Trip into the Heart of Matter by Ray Mackintosh, Jim Al-Khalili, Bjorn Jonson, and Teresa Pena.

Nucleus is an accessible and informative story of the most recent discoveries in nuclear physics. While this work is intended for popular consumption, there is also plenty contained therein that even the more academic reader can glean from. For me personally, what I find most interesting are the introductory discussions of quantum biology. A relatively new field, quantum biology seeks to tap into the quantum ‘hanky-panky’ which essentially affects the ‘way nature works’. As Philip Ball explains, quoting MIT physicist, Seth Lloyd, “A better understanding of how quantum effects are maintained in living organisms could help researchers to achieve the elusive goal of quantum computation. “Or perhaps we can make better energy-storage devices or better organic solar cells.”

Of course, Nucleus doesn’t spend much time developing the early findings of this somewhat elusive field. But it does lay some necessary groundwork that contributor, theoretical physicist, television presenter, and popular scientist Jim Al-Khalili will later develop in his upcoming work Quantum Life: How Fundamental Physics is Revolutionising Biology (Bantam, to be published Sep 2013/2014).

All that to say, it’s an interesting work that deserves to be looked into by persons of all sorts.